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A color themed wedding is a popular and easy way to plan the look and feel for your wedding celebration. It’s easy to use color as your starting point in creating a style that is carried through from your wedding invitations to your bridesmaids right through to your tablecloths, napkin accents, florals, center pieces and of course the wedding cake.
It is important to consider carrying a color theme through to the finer details as well so that every aspect of your wedding has been thought out and can be appreciated by you and your guests on your wedding day. Some descriptions of color wedding themes we have planned follow.

Black and White Wedding Theme

This black and white wedding was styled simply yet elegantly with a large emphasis on adding black as a subtle yet defining element in every aspect. The wedding cake had the couple’s initials piped on one layer whilst black satin ribbon surrounded each tier of the cake with white piping accents and fresh white blooms crowning the top. Black chairs were brought in especially for the wedding and white sashes were added tied with crystal buckles. Black napkins on white tablecloths are a simple yet elegant way to add a formal and stylish feel to a black and white wedding.

Red wedding theme

A red wedding theme is a striking and bold way to make a statement on your wedding day. Your photos will literally pop with vibrancy when this exciting color is used for your themed wedding.
It all started with a red silk invitation box. We then used full red roses en masse on the tables and on top of their wedding cake. The bride carried a long trail bouquet of vibrant red roses – a stunning statement against her ivory lace wedding dress.

Green wedding theme

A green wedding theme can be a color theme or an environmentally conscious theme – in this case our lovely couple were actively involved in nature based careers and therefore it was important for us to include native Indian flora as part of the celebration. All bouquets and floral center pieces were based on native blooms and foliages and every guest received a seedling as a gift to take home – which further added colour and texture on the tabletops. The wedding cake was also based on white and soft green colour tones and a fern drawn by the bride’s sister was copied onto the actual cake.

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