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Many couples find that wedding themes are an easy way to approach the planning of the look and feel because it gives them a starting point, as well as many options to create a unique and memorable celebration.


Some of our most memorable wedding themes have been:

o Based on countries that the couple have visited together during their courtship

o Favourite movies

o Color themes such as black and white weddings, red and white weddings, green weddings, pink and white weddings

o Vintage weddings

o Beach wedding themes

o Asian wedding theme


Asian wedding theme

An asian theme can also double as a red wedding theme with gold accents. For this harbourside wedding we added red fans on the tables for a fanciful flounced look and tall arrangements using red flowers such as spider orchids were dramatic additions to the table center. Red votives were added for a red glow on the tables and lots of white paper lanterns were also strung in the venue with red orchids decorated the decadent white chocolate wedding cake.

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